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Welcome to AGL Drone Solutions

Accurate. Intelligent. Data.

About AGL Drone Solutions

AGL Drone Solutions is a remote sensing and image analysis provider with more than five years of experience offering drone mapping services in the Midwest. In addition to agricultural clients, we work with general photographers and real estate companies that require aerial photography and videography. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.


About the Owner

Michael is a fourth generation farmer and holds certifications in Firefighting I, EMT-B , SAR, Swift Water Rescue along with Advanced SCUBA diver. Having such experience allows our company to offer UAV services to those in need of specialized skill-sets.  Because of his farming background, Michael has established working relations with many highly-trained and regarded individuals to ensure that our clients have the information they need after the flight.   

Our Services

Whether you are a farmer or an agricultural consultant, AGL Drone Solutions can help you with your agricultural mapping needs. We use a SLANTRANGE multispectral camera to capture plant stand counts and NDVI and to provide stress-mapping and general crop scouting.

The best part about our services is that we can typically give you the fully calibrated results on the same day. Our company also provides plane-based imagery focusing on thermal, infrared, and vigor with multiple flights per season at an all-inclusive and cost-effective rate.  


We also provide general aerial multimedia content for real estate companies, and general photography, including landscape and promotional footage. Contact us today for more information. All of our services are available to clients in the Midwest.


General Photography

We know some people just want pictures of their farmstead, planting or harvest, or an overview of a building site. Cities may want to document a parade or town function. Whatever the reason, we are ready and committed to getting the pictures or videos you need. 

We also have a dedicated team ready to edit our multimedia into a polished finished product with a short turn-around time. This is perfect for promotion of your company or even a keepsake from a wedding or reunion!  


Measure the health of your crops with help from AGL Drone Solutions. Using a SLANTRANGE multispectral camera, we provide agricultural producers and service providers in the Midwest with plant stand counts, normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), thermal, infrared, and stress mapping, along with general crop scouting with a 20 MP camera. Fully calibrated and accurate results are usually sent to the client within hours of the flight.


Bronaugh, MO United States 64728

(417) 684-2780